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of TIE hull and Y-wing engines is significant because it uses the hull of the TIE with extended tail. Images included in or linked sexkontakte in Lengenfeld from this page are copyright Lucasfilm Ltd. TIE Fighter Old Republic era engines: 2? TIE Vanguard engines: 2? They are used as dropships or as regular troop shuttles. The cockpit configuration is unusual; it looks more like part of a Corellian freighter than a spherical Sienar design. Except for Lord Vader's craft, all of the Imperial fighters deployed at the Battle of Yavin was of this kind. Since reactor power is disproportionately great for the size of the craft, the removal and dissipation of waste heat becomes a problem of fundamental importance.

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The thrusters may occupy much of the wing hubs, in which case they're more voluminous than the thrusters of a common TIE. The interceptor has numerous hard points for laser cannons. TIE Avenger as depicted in the in-game databank of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter; and in cutscenes from Balance of Power. Captain Needa departs the Avenger (top) in order to make a personal apology to Lord Vader aboard the Executor (bottom). This is particularly useful for unaided emergency landings. In the comics, the top hatch is often used for the launch of an ejection seat; this may be its original intended purpose. This section, containing a shield and hyperdrive units, blocks the usual cockpit rear viewport. This is a short-range reconnaissance TIE based on the common TIE fighter. Most likely a TIE Sentinel is the V38, lacking a cloaking device, and the cloakable experimental fighter is the TIE Phantom. Laser canon fire from Lord Vader's heavy fighter. Grey-hulled TIE/ln fighters pursue a rebel freighter into a dangerous and peculiarly dense asteroid field. In any case, this fighter is significantly faster and more manoeuvrable than its mass would suggest.